• The Doctor

    No, this Doctor doesn’t do what other doctors do to you.
    Yes, this Doctor doesn’t pry down in your throat or ear or eye.
    Yes, this Doctor’s specialty is treating abnormalities. 

    The Doctor sees no reason
    to study lump or lesion.
    And if asked for explanations
    yes, this Doctor looses patience. 

    No, this Doctor makes no fuss feigning interest, draining puss.
    No, this Doctor will not say just where he thinks a cure may lay.
    Yes, if craving doom and gloom, you might enjoy his waiting room.

    The cause of his malfeasance
    is Hippocratic treason.
    Yes, that is the explanation
    why this Doctor looses patients. 

    Yes, prognosis from this Doc is bound to cause a certain shock.
    Whether stomach, limb or brain, this Doctor treats them all the same.
    He just administers the most sinister and deadly dose.

    With a kindly word or two,
    yes, this Doctor murders you.
    Or is it twisted – you decide –
    into assisted suicide?

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