• A Curious Bird


    One night last July,
    from a pale sky did fly
    to the garden that’s edged by a lawn,
    a grey bird of prey
    that deigned to waylay
    on an urn in the old lily pond.

    The hired guy died
    when it pecked out his eyes.
    And the gardener ran for his life.
    The owner’s a goner
    while going to warn her –
    and that’s how it got to his wife.

    You’ve heard not a word
    ‘bout this curious bird
    on the verge of a murderous dawn.
    But no one is immune
    to its gruesome tune –
    and I’ve learned it’s beginning to spawn.

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    • WilliamEn says...

      Looking forward to reading more. Great forum. Cool. Guebara

      May 11, 2016

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