• A Bishop and a Stranger

    This Bishop, on Thanksgiving,
    had all his guests delighted
    by serving things they's never seen
    that whet the appetite. It
    was odd when something happened
    that got them quite excited:
    a stranger walked in, unannounced,
    and sat down, uninvited.

     Threatening with a knife, His Grace,
    whose temper was incited,
    said, “Who let you in this place?”
    The stranger answered, “I did.”

     Trust me when I tell you,
    His Grace saw things were righted;
    and when he grabbed the alcohol
    his plan was expedited.
    He hurled it with precision.
    It drenched where it collided.
    They heard him say, “Dessert’s flambé!”
    as the stranger was ignited.

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