• Clairvoyant

    At her table, here is Claire
    with her rare, clairvoyant stare.
    Fortuneteller, ready-made,
    shares her gifts when cash is paid: 

    She'll chart your astrology,
    add up numerology,
    cast the I Ching – tarot too –
    read the bumps you’ve got on you,
    mix a potion, fix a charm
    (one causes love, one causes harm),
    gaze into a crystal sphere,
    make predictions for next year,
    read your tea leaves, speak in tongues,
    contact dearly-loved lost ones.

    In a trance that bugs her eyes
    she’ll see past lives, prophesize,
    have a vision, eat a sword,
    spell things on a Ouija board,
    interpret lines upon your palm,
    recite some scripture or a psalm,
    see your aura, hypnotize,
    levitate before your eyes,
    leave her body, shake your soul,
    run barefoot through hot beds of coal.

    Claire, the psychic; Claire, the sphinx,
    senses what each client thinks.
    But there’s one thing Claire can’t share.
    The final question: Who is Claire?

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