• Two Missionaries

    Here we have two missionaries
    back from some obscure locale.
    What ailing them no dictionary
    definition rings a bell.

    Reminiscing with each other,
    dining at a swank hotel,
    their plight recited to their Brother
    with the promise he won’t tell. 

    Kidnapped deep within the jungle,
    natives cast a voodoo spell.
    Just which part they must have bungled
    was impossible to tell.

    But the next day, to their horror,
    growing round and parallel,
    both their heads had turned to flora.
    Who was who was hard to tell. 

    Says one of them, “We realize
    you are thinking we’re unwell.
    But we find, if we fertilize,
    ideas begin to swell.

    Now whether we’re a miracle
    or something straight from Hell,
    if pruned to roughly spherical
    we blossom rather well.”

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