Brain Child

In the late 80's, I began a series of images that I knew were the illustrations of a mysterious story. Though the collages depicted incidents, the larger tale surrounding them remained illusive. Actor/writer James Lecesne grasped the essence of the hidden content and, utilizing 12 of the images as inspiration, outlined it in a short story called "The Girl Who Changed Her Mind." Years passed before I discovered the deeper tale; and after many evolutions the story morphed into a fantasy who's "voice" guided me to write an epic verse. It grew to 186 pages, including dozens of fresh, color-enhanced images. 
Brain Child is published by Maxwell Waters and will soon be available on Amazon. There are medium and large-scale prints from Brain Child available in the Prints section of this site.


Archive 1957-1974

While at a dinner party in 2014, a friend asked to see some photos from my years as a dancer and choreographer. In the process of digging up long buried material to organize into some kind of timeline, I discovered that, with the aid of some captions, there was a story worth telling and my memoir Archive 1957-1974 is the result. It begins with my first tap lesson at age 7 and ends with my time touring with The Paul Taylor Dance Company.

Archive 1954 - 1957 will soon be available on Amazon.

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