In the late 80's, I began a series of images that I felt were the illustrations of a mysterious story. Though the collages depicted the details, the larger picture surrounding them remained illusive. Actor/writer James Lecesne grasped the essence of the hidden content and, utilizing 12 of the images as inspiration, outlined it in a short story called "The Girl Who Changed Her Mind."

Years passed before I discovered the deeper tale; and after many evolutions the story morphed into a fantasy about the trials of a girl inflicted, literally, with an "open" mind. The story's "voice" turned out to be an epic verse and as I wrote it and developed further images, it grew to 184 pages. The results is my graphic fairy tale Unthinkable.

Unthinkable is published by Maxwell Waters and will soon be available on Amazon. There are small and large-scale giclee prints from Unthinkable available in the Unthinkable gallery.






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