In 1980, I enrolled in the Graduate Film Department of NYU's Tisch School of the Arts. In the first year I produced the two, short, 16mm, b&w films that can be viewed here. (In the second year, I wrote and directed a feature length ghost story based on an Algernon Blackwood tale. I never finished it.)



There is an old Hollywood saying: "Never work with children or animals." So, naturally, I chose to do both. The title character in this film is 4 years old, refuses to talk, and is obsessed with animals of all kinds and Siamese Fighting Fish in particular. This is the story of his breakthrough. 


When a breakdown on a busy highway ended the chances of filming my planned script, I was under pressure to get something "into the can" before I had to return the equipment. The clock was ticking. Moviemoviemovie, with myself as the only actor, is the improvised results. (Some accidents are for the best.) 

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